Marketer-M8 - Optional Services - Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

In addition to the monthly Marketer-M8 subscription, there are optional services that the system will offer and provide for you. These will then be charged on a Pay-As-You-Go basis to your credit card on file.

For UK subscribers, you will receive a VAT invoice from Marketer-M8 (Julian Mills Consulting Ltd) each time a "top up" is purchased. For non-UK customers you can download a receipt from the Company Billing tab in your Marketer-M8 application. You can get a full breakdown of specific costs incurred in the Billing tab on your application.

Sending texts.

Text sending is the most likely cause of higher than expected bills. Use texts in your marketing cautiously. Not only because of costs, but due to the very personal nature excessive texts could result in complaints and opt outs. Text segments cost 6p each. Each segment can contain 160 characters. So if you send a "text" with say 350 characters, you would use 3 segments per message which would cost 18p per contact message. Please bear in mind emojis and special characters are created from characters, and it may take many characters to create a simple-looking emoji. More details of text message costs are available here from HighLevel.


A further consideration if texting within the US or into the US from overseas companies. The US has some stringent "trust" rules and these require you to register (A2P) in the US to be able to send texts to US mobiles. Without this any texts from outside the US to US contacts will not go through, and you could be billed.

US Clients be aware.
In order to send texts (and related services) you have to become A2P compliant and there is a wizard in Marketer-M8 to assist it getting approved. But on the 15th February 2024 T-Mobile started to introduce fines up to $2000 for non compliance. So this serves as notice to clients who use the text service that you must be aware of the current legal requirements before sending texts. Here is more information.

Non US Clients
Although we are not currently subject to A2P compliance as they are in the U.S. it does not mean that the regions in which you operate have or will have in the future similar legal restrictions. So if you are using text and related services it is your responsibility to keep abreast of legal developments in regions where you are marketing.

Sending emails.

If you use the built-in Lead Connector service to send emails then the cost will be $10 (c.£8) to send 10,000 emails. If you wish, free of charge, you can "bolt on" your own email sending engine eg SendGrid, MailGun - even Gmail (but Gmail does restrict you to 500 emails per day). Contact Marketer-M8 support to have this feature enabled.

Email verification.

$0.0035 per email verification. $10 gives about 2855 verifications. Email verification is a great tool to keep email bounces down and ensure good deliverability to ISPs.

Phone numbers.

Each phone number added to the system incurs a monthly "line rental". This depends on the number selected and is clear at the time of sign-up. As a guide for a UK mobile number it is in the region of $1.75/ mo.

Phone calls.

Making phone calls through Markets-M8 will incur charges. There are many variables depending on numbers call - but as a rule of thumb outbound calls are charged between 3 and 6p per minute. Inbound calls and 0.8p/min. Call to premium services will cost more, for example £1.50 per minute.


A one of monthly subscription of $29.99 per month. Unlimited messages.

AI usage.

Workflow AI. $0.045 / Workflow. $10 gives about 220 Workflow AI's.

Premium Triggers and Action in Workflows. $0.012 per Workflow action. $10 gives about 835 actions

Content AI (ie ChatGPT). $0.135/1000 words. $10 gives abput 74,000 words.

Conversation AI. $0.03/Message. $10 gives about 335 messages.

Reviews AI (auto reply to Google Reviews). $.12/review. $10 gives about 85 review responses

WordPress Hosting.
Move your WordPress website hosting to our service. Features - Easy website setup and management - Fast page loading speed - Reliable uptime - Automatic backups and security measures. $20/mo

Dedicated IP
Only needed by very large volume email senders. $118/mo

Yext Listing

Online Listings by Yext is an incredibly powerful SEO tool that creates backlinks and ensures your client's Vital business info (address, operation hours, phone numbers, etc) is consistent across 70+ of the world's most reputable websites. $69/mo